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Breaking Tweets

Breaking news has never been so easy to access thanks to the ‘ Twitter’ service of Breaking Tweets.

This public service, ie. the breaking news site finds twitter updates relating to news items, “searching for the twitterers located closest to the event geographically, and treats them as quotes to build up a story of what is happening”. The primary result being a more personalised news experience.

It seems however that breaking news is not their number one focus. The site aims to build a close-knit social community with increased conversations about the world’s news events. These tweets will be supplemented with additional information and prioritised in acordance with eyewitness accounts and images submitted via TwitPic to add valuable weight to the story.

This is undoubtably a major progression in online news, which sees us one step closer to developing a “truly global news picture”.

The idea came into force folllowing the widespread use of Twitter during the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20th. Since then the site has prospered and is set to become a “go-to-news service” on a global basis.

One thing’s for sure “The social networking phenomenon is here to stay”.

The full article can be found here.


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