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Media at the fore of modern education

An overhaul of the English primary school curriculum is currently being explored by online news sites such as this story from the guardian. Tearing away from the instilled and core values of education the new system is to focus on media technology. Under the new curriculum “children will no longer have to study the Victorians or the second world war” but instead will become knowledgeable on areas surrounding modern technology in an era of digitalisation.

Children will be taught how to use twitter and wikipedia as sources of information while blogging and pod casts will become the norm for these pupils. Basically these children will be well prepared for the rising profession that is citizen journalism.

Aswel as the basic skill of hand writing and spelling, the children must gain “fluency” in typing and keyboard skills. Pupils must also be aquinted with the automatic spellcheck on a computer.

Undeniably this proposal is one of great prosperity in this media obsessed 21st century however it is not one without flaw. There is of course the possibility that children will become over-reliant on the internet. Despite this threat this story remains one of great interest. 


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