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During the week I came across an interesting article on The article accentuates a rising problem in the industry, one that has been belied by the progression of the phenomenon that is online journalism over the past few years. Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of technology news site AllThingsD, examines how too much emphasis is being placed on the delivery system, resulting in falling standards of quality in the content of material.

Following the Guardian Changing Media Summit, she provided a bate for this week’s internet content subject. She recognises that the current blogsphere contains many “crappy” rants made by clueless people, instead of real information. Rather than focusing on the medium the news will be delivered, be it online or print, focus on the content must be regained.


She recognises the need for future journalists to “move on from endless discussion about the means”. She adds, “Talking about the role of the internet is like constantly referring to the role of air travel, or electricity”.




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