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Victory to the citizen

Citizen journalism continued its rise to the top this month when yet again it succeeded in providing the breaking news first. April 1st saw the death of 47-year-old G20 rally victim, Ian Tomlinson. Initially it appeared that he had died from a heart attack however, following analysis from a video clip taken by a citizen journalist further investigation proved the victim had actually died from internal bleeding. The video which first appeared on the, on April 7th, included footage of the victim being shoved violently by police and then being pushed to the floor at the demonstration. This is now believed to be the main contributing factor to the man’s death.



The citizen who happened to be inn the right place at the right time has instigated heated discussions regarding the appalling actions of the police officers. Perhaps 10 or even 5 years ago a blind eye would have been turned to this information however thanks to the citizen journalist the truth has been surfaced and will be rectified justly.


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