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The Internet and online journalism has paved the way for this technology driven twenty first century and has revolutionised the way consumers access the news on a daily basis. The Internet provides an unprecedented ability to personalise the way news is accessed. Once subscribed to a new website consumers can receive emails constantly updating stories or containing breaking news which would be of interest to each particular user. This unarguably is a radical difference from the system of the current linear print media, which presents one text with the same stories to each consumer, just once a day. Latest technology means breaking news and sporting results can be immediately sent to mobile phones insuring the public are constantly up to date.

Online journalism has undoubtedly made it easier for the public to access the news; making it available 24 hours a day with constant updates and views. Consumers are also given the opportunity to voice their opinions in the form of blogging.

While much progress has already occurred in Ireland over the last decade much more can still be done in the eyes of technology. In Australia, Brisbane for example, the buses now contain a rolling screen with headlines to keep commuters up to date. While in the website of the San Francisco Chronicle software has been developed which allows subscribers to listen to the news they want on their way to work. Readers specify their news preferences and how long their commute lasts, then simply leave out a blank CD or MP3 file which is completed while the reader sleeps.Despite the benefits however, editors are worried about news personalisation as it means a veerence towards user domination of the site, which could inturn decrease profits, which would make all this a lost cause.

The article suggests that as technology progresses and advances, the public will expect more ways of accessing the news, they wish to hear, in the easiest manner online. The novelty will wear off with time and it will become merely a reality or way of life. However, the question; is this a change we are willing to accept or are we going to fight for our reliable print media, which has grown close to our hearts?


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