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distracted world?

Has the generation of this 21st Century finally cracked? Have we become so consumed in advancing technology that we can no longer focus or even see the important things in life? Have we become so distracted by the digital age that we can no longer concentrate?

This blog based on the article “Stoooopid …. Why the Google generation isn’t as smart as it thinks”, featured in The Sunday Times, July 20 2008, written by Bryan Appleyard, gave me a key understanding into the level of distraction we are all suffering. I myself attempted to read this article numerous times, skimming over lines before actually coming to the end. I then realised that this itself is a symptom of distraction, the latest disease we have all inherited.

“Attention is the golden key to the mystery of human consciousness” In this article David Meyer sees attention as a pivotal asset to our existence.
Distraction is the opposing element, one too accepted amongst this generation. This acceptance belies the underlying dangers involved in distraction. The most common form of distraction is multi-tasking. As humans we all fall victim to this distraction, however we fail to operate two tasks effectively at once. It is a proven fact that no being can effectively hold a phone conversation and write an e-mail at the same time.

Living in the age of the internet has surpressed our minds refraining us from thinking our own thoughts and ideas. The web page Google provides any information we require while many social networking sites are now in use eg. Facebook and Bebo, which keep us in ‘close’ contact with all our friends and acquaintances.
While no-one can deny the advantages these technological advances have had on our lives, at the same time they are destroying us slowly. These distractions, eg. the ipod, the iPhone are ruining our ability to concentrate.

We have become a generation who are “distracted from distraction by distraction”. The question is, is it too late for us? Are we a doomed generation destined to be fed our own thoughts?


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