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Print media to become history?

‘Media Revolution: Stop Press?’, by Graeme Mc Aulay on the BBC Money Programme is the subject of this blog.
It cannot be argued that in this 21st century newspapers are facing difficult times.

The economic hurricane, or recession as more commonly known, is partly to blame for the falling circulations in this once prominent industry however, the main cause for its deterioration is our changing lifestyles.

‘Web surfing’, or the internet has become a focal point of our daily life. This technology means it is now easier than ever for the public to find out news. Rupert Murdoch acknowledges that newspapers must adapt to this changing world before they lose complete power to this digitalised era.

The future of the print media is through the internet. After a slow start many newspapers are finally embracing this new power as a platform for reaching readers, however not without without cost. It appears even harder to make profit from online publishing than the old fashioned remedy.
While the public are not prepared to pay for online news when there are so many free sites to choose from, these official sites have to depend on web advertising to generate income.

This radical change is however, not all bad. Readers appear to favour the new online approach, where a click of the button can show them the news.

Free from the constraints of print online newspapers can include other forms of media such as audio and video. The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph are two papers who are embracing this new trend.

One cannot deny that newspapers are in a difficult transition, however they must fight this economic downturn and embrace this new change.
One thing for certain though newspapers are here to stay.


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